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Like the rest of the internet: we’re still obsessed with the Wonder Woman movie. So while we’re still gushing about everything Diana Prince, we were more than intrigued to see what actually went into her beauty look, especially since Gal Gadot’s makeup artist Sarah Brock, is now sharing tips on how to get that *killer* Amazon look, and did we mention we now know how to get that gorgeous glow everyone’s been talking about?

While Diana’s goddess-like skin totally appeared flawless and natural on camera, Wonder Woman makeup artist, Sarah, told People that this ethereal look actually took around 45 to 60 minutes to create. Whoa.

She told People:

Brb, we’re going to try to copy this makeup step and buy all the products, ASAP!

Sarah also shared a pretty ingenious lip hack that she used on Gal Gadot, and we’ll be sure to use it going forward. Before actually applying a lip color, she used a balm, then she applied a lipstick over. This helps to keep your lips hydrated, while you wear long wear color.

Gal’s makeup artist explained the process of using two different lip products, saying,

We’ll be practicing our Wonder Woman looks all weekend long!