Bronwyn Isaac
March 13, 2017 2:15 pm

The world of cosmetics has now entered such a fairytale land of blendable colors and flattering textures that you can now buy wands to put your lips under a spell of softness and glow. Fully claiming its place in the magic world, the new lip wand from Fresh Beauty boasts the ability to gently scrub and exfoliate lips before leaving them as smooth as silk.

Rather than leaving a tinted gloss on your lips, the Fresh Beauty Sugar wand was formulated with the intent of boosting circulation and bringing out the natural glow and color of your lips. So you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s the right shade for you. This is a wise move all around.

We are fully ready to believe in the magic glow-infusing properties of this wand.

This is the kind of sorcery most people can get behind.

If you’re feeling ready to brush your lips with a tint of magic, the Sugar Lip Treatment is available online through the Fresh Beauty website for $24.

The all-star list of natural ingredients primarily features sugar for buffing your lips but also includes mango butter for moisture, black currant seed and grapefruit oils for hydration and protection, and Loofah oil for fluid and flexible skin.

Now your lips can shimmer as bright as the stars you wish upon.