Kandee Johnson
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We didn’t need an official list to validate the fact that we have excellent taste in people, but we’d be lying if we said it didn’t feel good. As glowing evidence of our top-tier taste in online personalities, the Forbes top influencers of 2017 of the beauty section includes a handful of our favorite beauty vloggers.

Naturally, this just proves that our taste in beauty vloggers is a powerful force to be reckoned with, and the words that come out of this beauty vertical should be inscribed as cultural LAW. We’re not saying, just saying.

Perhaps the best news of all?! This year’s number one beauty influencer is one of our favorite vloggers!

This GIF will give you a strong hint.

Number one on Forbes‘ list, and near number on in our hearts, was the beauty vlogger Zoella!

Always serving perfect brows for days, our girl Huda Beauty naturally achieved top influencer status.

The world of beauty would be infinitely sadder without the colorful beauty blogger Kandee Johnson’s influence, and Forbes recognizes that.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the personality of beauty vlogger Manny MUA, whose charm and highlighting skills made the top ranks.

The world has been deeply influenced by the gorgeous lip colors of Michelle Phan, and we’ve already been on board this ship.

The queen of winged eyeliner and thoroughly amusing anecdotes, Nikkie Tutorials and her makeup skills are loved by many this year.

The undeniable makeup artistry of Wayne Goss turned more than a few heads this year.

You can check out the entire list, here to see if your fave beauty influencer made it!