Bronwyn Isaac
Updated January 18, 2017
Flirt Cosmetics

If you’ve ever felt yourself overcome by the desire to become a weapon wielding woman but you’d prefer to practice your sword-fighting skills with something less lethal than a katana, the time is now. The people at Flirt Cosmetics released a dual ended black eyeliner so you can darken your eyes with a double-edged cosmetic sword.

We’re hardly surprised at how fun their latest product looks considering their history of launching everything from Flirt Cosmetics lip crayons to temporary beauty tattoos for makeup looks. Creating a dual-sided eyeliner pen seems like a natural next step for the brand dedicated to creating flirty makeup tools.

Flirt Cosmetics

Now you can use both ends of the pen to emphasize your hither wink.

Achieving a Twiggy look sounds like a tall order, but they’re hoping to deliver that to the brave willing to try.

Amber Rose generously tried out the latest release for her followers, and looked incredibly focused doing so.

Well, her assistant was focused on the eyeliner application. She was more focused on serving up model eyes.

The Dot Dot Dot Dual Eyeliner is now available online through Flirt Cosmetics for $22, if you want to give it a whirl.

Flirt Cosmetics

They have two color options, one in black and another in brown!

We have faith that you can make Twiggy roll over in her grave with a tinge of jealousy.

Flirt Cosmetics even has the fake lashes you’ll need to complete the look, so it’s a one-stop shop. Head on over to their website to see if anything strikes your fancy!