Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Feb 14, 2017 @ 1:37 pm
Credit: Unicorn Lashes UK /

If you ever find yourself wishing your makeup routine resembled the dark remnants of your dream life, you’re not alone. There are people out there who have sensed your needs and created a new set of unicorn makeup brushes catered to your gothic sensibilities.

We were already on board when the cosmetics brand Unicorn Lashes UK came out with their rainbow-colored unicorn makeup brushes this past summer. Soon after, they beat themselves at their own game by releasing a set of mermaid makeup brushes. But now, they’ve truly spoken to the deep core of our soul by previewing their new set of black and rose gold-handled, goth chic makeup brushes.

Their latest release of makeup brushes looks perfect for dusting away our tears before applying a thick eyeliner.

Hey, they can be tears of joy. We’re not limiting you.

The two new sets of brushes come with either black or gold handles, and each set includes 10 brushes and a lush velvet royal black diamond bag to store them in.

Each set costs 50 pounds, or roughly $62 US dollars!

They announced their pre-sale of this new set on the Unicorn Lashes UK website as a Valentine’s Day gift to all their fans writing sullen poetry.

You can peek and shop the new collection on the website!