Sometimes the meta nature of the makeup world ends up trolling itself in the most beautiful way possible. At least, this is exactly what happened with the feather brows trend on Instagram — a look originally posted as a joke by the makeup artist and Instagram star from Finland known as Stella Sironen — that soon took fire as a real beauty trend. It caught on for some brave people ready to pioneer a new frontier of brows.

The mildly terrifying eyebrow look fully lives up to its feather name, and requires committed beauty hounds to glue the bottom half of their eyebrows down to achieve the full feather glory.

These look like the eyebrows of a Wes Anderson character who just got divorced and is about to put on a one-woman show.

They also inspire us to go ahead and post our next absurd DIY joke looks, in hopes of accidentally spurring a bonified beauty trend.

These are the eyebrows of someone who’d get kicked out of a jazz bar for drinking too much absinthe and dancing on the piano.

Who of us hasn’t been there?!

Not only are people on board for this satirical trend, but a few bold souls have already mastered it.

This whole trend is a beautiful reminder that beauty standards, along with everything, is made up.

So just do what you want and own it, and the rest (of Instagram) will follow.

Are y’all ready to channel a divorced art house poet, or what?