Bronwyn Isaac
Updated July 27, 2017

We are always fans of pulling a Nancy Drew and getting to the bottom of a mystery, so when HelloGiggles had the chance to chat with the beloved actress and singer Mandy Moore, we had to find out what beauty gadgets she swears by. We have admired Moore from her days of bullying Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries to her gut-wrenching role as Rebecca from This Is Us, so any kind of beauty intel from her is gold.

While speaking with Moore about the new Her Life Her Adventures campaign — which focuses on educating women about birth control — we were able to pick her mind about her beauty obsessions. More specifically, when we asked Mandy what beauty trends she’s tapped into, she shared her love of the at-home Ziip nanocurrent device. She said:

For those unfamiliar, the Ziip ($495) is an FDA-approved, hand-held skincare device, that much like the Nuface microcurrent device, features two rounded metal conductors that massage your face with a gentle electrical current.

The Ziip features an app for Iphones and Ipads that unlocks access to six different Electric Cocktail massages for your face.

Each of the six Electric Cocktails energizes your skin in a different way, by focusing the currents on different facial areas with various intensities.

While chatting about her beauty routine, we asked Mandy if she feels pressured to stay up on the latest trends as an actress. She told us that luckily, for her, it remains a fun and playful routine — despite being in the public eye.

When she’s not busy acting on set or using her Ziip, Mandy also shared that she loves chilling in a good sheet mask as a way to relax and treat herself.

Moore is no stranger to sharing her skin care favorites with her fans and has boasted about one particular face mask, the $141 Biologique Recherché Masque VIP O2, several times in the past. We completely relate to Mandy’s beauty obsessions. Perhaps she’ll release a skin care line at some point? We’re crossing our fingers.