Trilby Beresford
Updated Aug 01, 2017 @ 3:02 pm
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We are always 100% here for new makeup hacks. Especially when they involve turning a single product into a multi-use one (because we LOVE versatility). And we just heard that Vanessa Hudgens used Ashley Tisdale’s lip gloss as eyeshadow, and her glossy pink eyelids actually looked amazing.

Seriously, we are ALL ABOUT this new hack, and we are genuinely surprised by how well it turned out. In the Instagram story photo, Hudgens debuted subtle pink lips to go with her eyelid color, perfectly blushed cheeks, and of course, a playful bunny ear filter to tie it all together.

Ready to see what’s what?

Credit: Instagram Stories/Vanessa Hudgens

You would never know that the eyeshadow wasn’t actual eyeshadow! From the looks of things, these two gals had a super fun time hanging out (invite us next time?!) and testing products.

Word on the street is that the pink gloss was from Tisdale’s Illuminate line, which is full of shimmery, romantic colors.

If you want to use an actual eye product to get that glossy look (which in general is probably a good idea, since lip products could easily spread bacteria to your eye region), you can always put an eye lid gloss over regular eyeshadow to achieve the same effect. (Think: Kylie Jenner’s gorgeous glossy lids).

Because sometimes you want to give your eyes that extra POP, and straight eyeshadow doesn’t cut it. Here are a few of our top recs:

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Credit: MAC

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Now excuse us while we go experiment with our eyes and lips…because it’s Tuesday morning and we need this. Also, that’s what makeup is for! Fun times with friends ahead.