Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Jul 24, 2017 @ 12:24 pm
Credit: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

The never-ending search for a solution to messy liquid liner may soon be arriving thanks to MAC’s highly-anticipated new Rollerwheel Liquid Liner. Will we soon be able to say so long to the days of ending up with insane eyeliner that makes us look like Cleopatra on a bad day? Please say yes.

Whether you like a simple liquid line or a dramatic cat-eye, we can all admit to having to work hard to achieve a straight wing. Sure, there are liquid liner pros out there, but for a lot of us, it can be quite the challenge. MAC’s new liner is here to change all that.

MAC’s Rollerwheel liquid liner will be available online on August 17th for $21 in the US and $24 in Canada.

Credit: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

You’ll be able to get it in-stores on September 14th.

The Rollerwheel liner is specially shaped with a spinning disc applicator that absorbs a certain amount of product to provide a continuous, smooth, and even stroke of color.

There are four different shades of MAC’s Rollerwheel Liquid Liner to pick from.

Credit: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

The black shades come in two different finishes.

1Rollin’ Black Shine

Credit: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

A shiny black.

2On a Roll Black

Credit: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

A matte black.

3Rollerwheel Brown

Credit: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

A warm brown.

Roller Royale

Credit: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

A royal blue.

Aren’t they fascinating? The skinny-lined and defined applicator make it perfect for a wing or a bold, geometric look. You can simply let the roller do all the work for you.

Be ready come mid-August for a chance to make your eyeliner process a whole lot easier, thanks to these guys.