Throughout the land, it is known that no one does eyeliner quite like Kat Von D — if you’re looking for a gorgeous liner that will stay put, hands down you can’t go wrong with hers. Every time she comes out with a new iteration, we fall head over heels in love — and we have a feeling that the Kat Von D Beauty x Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong eyeliner collab that’s headed our way is going to be the epitome of rock ‘n roll.

Seeing as Billie Joe has been the unofficial face of guyliner for decades now, these two are a match made in heaven. Their punk aesthetics and love of eyeliner mean we get to reap the benefits of this exciting new partnership.

Kat Von D Beauty and Billie Joe collaborated on a chic and sexy new eyeliner called Basket Case.

Credit: Kat Von D Beauty

How cool is that packaging?

While this collaboration was completely unexpected, it couldn’t be more perfect. These two go together like two sweet little goth peas in a pod.

Kat and Billie Joe have teamed up in the past for their animal rights advocacy, but this is the first time they’ve actively created a new product together.

Credit: Kat Von D Beauty

We’re hoping it won’t be much longer before we can get our hands on the Basket Case liner, and judging from these behind-the-scenes pics Kat teased us with on Snapchat, it looks like it’s all coming together.

We’re going to have to dust off our leather jackets in celebration of the Kat Von D Beauty x Billie Joe Basket Case liner.

Credit: Kat Von D Beauty

We all need to properly look the part, don’t you think?

Credit: Kat Von D Beauty
Credit: Kat Von D Beauty

Just as Kat Von D has been a ubiquitous presence in the lives of beauty lovers, so has Billie Joe in the musical zeitgeist. These two are literal legends, and we can’t wait to get a closer look at this upcoming new eyeliner. Keep those eyes peeled on social media for more clues!