Lourdes Avila Uribe
January 05, 2018 10:56 am
ColourPop / www.instagram.com

If this frigid weather has got you down, never fear! The brand new ColorPop Super Shock Shadows are here to brighten up your mood and face. This new assortment of eyeshadows is an absolutely stunning array of beautiful hues, destined to perk us all right up.

Whether your winter look is all about a vibrant, bold shade or you’re looking to add colors that are a bit more neutral, these new additions have it all.

If you’re a ColourPop fan who’s been obsessed with the Super Shock Shadows from day one, you’ll definitely want to check out these new hues. They feature the same highly pigmented, long-lasting formula at ColourPop’s famously low price point.

These are especially great if you’re someone who loves a bold, saturated eye look but lives in fear of creasing. You simply don’t have to worry about that with these beauties.

There are a whopping total of 15 new shades to add to our collection, and we can’t even begin to figure out which ones we will choose — they’re all just too good.

Head on over to ColourPop and check out the lovely new Super Shock Shadows that dropped today.

We are seriously digging those shade names too. Tea Party, Snap Dragon, Twitterpated, and Cuteologist. Whoever comes up with these is a genius. Which are your favorites?

Head on over to ColourPop and pick yours up today. Knowing the fervor that these shadows inspire, you’re definitely going to want to pick some up before they disappear.