Amanda Grace
Updated Jan 06, 2017 @ 5:16 pm
Credit: Evie Blender / Kickstarter

For those of you who missed out on the otherworldly speckled version of Silisponge’s silicon makeup sponge, there just might be a new glittery galactic cosmetics sponge coming into orbit. Apologies to our regular sponges…we just really like sparkly things! A Kickstarter page has been started for the self -proclaimed “World’s First Perfect Makeup Blender,” known as the Evie Blender.

Makeup artist Angie Johnson, who works with both beauty and FX makeup, is the inventor behind the Evie Blender. While it is made from silicone like the Silisponge, the Evie Blender maintains the pointed egg shape of traditional makeup sponges, similar to ones from BeautyBlender and Real Techniques. What makes the Evie Blender super special is that it’s made from medical grade silicone and has a textured finish.

Credit: Evie Blender / Kickstarter

We talked to Johnson about her inspiration behind this innovative new tool. “I used sponges and beauty blenders and my co-workers used them as well,” she explains, before adding, “I got so frustrated that I would use them once and then they would look stained so quickly. I’d see artists throwing them away and I thought about how much waste that created.”

Credit: Evie Blender / Kickstarter

“I make prosthetics too and had different silicones to play with, so I thought, ‘what if I could make a textured sponge?’ I knew it would solve all the problems I was having, but the right texture and softness was essential to blend makeup perfectly,” she continues. See it in action here:

Johnson says she tried about five different designs with various silicones before finding what she calls Evie Blender’s “magic combo.”

Credit: Evie Blender / Kickstarter

Says Johnson:

Credit: Ev

In the Kickstarter demo video, we can see how not only how the Evie wastes much less product than traditional blenders, but how it’s much easier to clean, too.

Credit: Evie Blender / Kickstarter

The campaign claims that with proper care the Evie will last over a year, in contrast to other sponges that only last a couple of months.

Credit: Evie Blender / Kickstarter

The campaign only runs for two weeks and has a goal of $28K. Backers who pledge at least $28 will receive a first-edition silver glitter Evie Blender and reusable cloth bag, while those who pledge at least $100 will receive one in the custom color of their choice, with or without glitter, and a printed cloth bag. That’s pretty neat!

Honestly, you already had us at custom makeup sponge color with glitter!

Find more about the Evie Blender and contribute to their Kickstarter here. We want this blender in our hands, ASAP!