November 30, 2016 1:49 pm
Tanner Humann / twitter.com

Doesn’t it seem like life’s most dramatic moments usually happen when you’re having an excellent makeup day? It seems like you’d never get rained on while waiting for your Uber or XXX on a bad makeup day. Oh, no. Those events are reserved for the days your beat comes out damn near perfect.

Such was the case with Twitter user @hellocojo (now @leavecalone). A minor car accident ruined what appeared to be an excellent makeup day when she imprinted her entire face onto the headrest of the front seat. Now the makeup smudge on the headrest has gone viral and we have to admit, it’s pretty damn funny.

According to Cosmo‘s screenshot of the Tweet, Miss Andry wrote:

“Okay so we just got in an accident and everyone is okay. it’s not funny but i am in the backseat and,” then she shared the hilarious, yet relatable AF photo.

There’s no way her foundation made it through a run-in with pebbled leather. Such a shame, too. Check out that pinkish nude lipstick and that highlight. Smh. We imagine there was an immediate need for a reapplication.

As unique as it is to leave a near perfect makeup imprint, it turns out she’s not the only one who’s endured a glamorous face splat. Twitter user @JardenWymond pointed out that another beauty lover had suffered a similar fate.

All the time and effort to get that perfectly arched brow and pink eyeshadow makeup look only to have it wasted like this? How unfair.

Sadly, since @leavecalone is now a private page, we have no way of knowing if she was able to muster a touch-up or if she just kissed that sweet, sweet good makeup day goodbye.