Lourdes Avila Uribe
December 22, 2016 11:14 am

Trying to decide to go out when it’s cold and dreary outside is such a conundrum — if you stay home you feel major FOMO, but in the deep, dark, dead of winter all we really want to do is snuggle under a gigantic blanket and eat more soup than it was previously known to be humanly possible. It helps to have a little inspiration to help get us out the door and feeling fierce, and it looks like this January, inspiration is coming in the form of Estee Edit’s new INCREDIBLE melted eyeshadows, Fluid Metal.

These brightly pigmented, super metallic and shimmery liquid shadows are not to be missed! Part glossy and part metallic, these six shades will make you feel ready to hit the town and get your hands on some bubbly.

Estee Edit’s Fluid Metal shadows will be available at Sephora come January, both in-stores and online!

The colors are absolutely fabulous and look like they’d help you kick your look up a notch, or 10! We love the wide array of options; You can go as neutral as you want or as bright as you’d like, all the while remaining a sparkle queen.

It gives you a positively regal glow!

Side note: can we talk about that model’s eyebrows? They are sheer perfection!

The packaging itself is super chic as well, which you know is the way straight to our hearts!

Don’t even think about heading out this winter without some spectacular glittery lids! Who doesn’t want to totally jazz up their makeup for a special event? It’ll def make you feel special and stand out among the crowd.

What color would you go for? There’s nothing like some truly spectacular eye makeup to give us the kick in the booty that we need to get out the door and into the world!

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