Jill Layton
Updated March 26, 2017 9:09 am
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A former Miss Universe dished out some advice on how she gets her eyebrows to be so…well, perfect. Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo’s grooms her own eyebrows, and she’s sharing her secrets with the world.

Stylish by Us Weekly ran into Culpo at a Degree for Women event to launch the brand’s new Ultraclear Black + White Dry Spray. And since her eyebrows are always on fleek (is “on fleek” still a thing we’re saying?), she explained how she gets them to be so fleeky (that’s probably nota thing anyone’s saying, but just go with it).

For starters, she explained that she was teased in high school for having such full eyebrows (cray).

But now that she’s a grown up woman who happens to have won Miss Universe (NBD), she has fully embraced the brows. And she keeps up with them by herself.

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And here’s how she does it.

First, it’s all in the tools. Culpo told Stylish that people should arm themselves with basics – like an eyebrow brush, tweezers, scissors, and a magnifying mirror.

She brushes her brows upwards and trims any stragglers.

And be sure to have a magnifying mirror on hand, because it really helps to find stray hairs. But she’s careful to note that it may not be helpful to use it to scrutinize anything but your brows.

After this, she adds definition using a pencil to fill in any gaps. Then she sets her brows so they stay looking good longer. Culpo sometimes uses hairspray on a spoolie brush. Though she says “some people use Elmer’s Glue or hair wax.”

Elmer’s glue, you guys! It’s a weird thought, but kind of makes sense. But as tempting as it’ll be to peel it off (you know how tempting Elmer’s glue can be), DON’T DO IT! The point is to have thick brows, not no brows.

So when you want your brows to look good, consider getting a little crafty with your beauty routine.