Amanda Grace
Updated Mar 24, 2017 @ 2:02 pm
Blush Blush group shot with match box
Credit: Ecco Bella

What if your spring makeup haul could be as natural as flowers? Ecco Bella is committed to producing the most organic beauty products while using minimal packaging. We love looking and feeling good at the same time. The brand is cruelty-free and has a line of cosmetics infused with flower wax!

Most of the cosmetics from Ecco Bella are vegan, talc, and fragrance-free! Sensitive faces everywhere, rejoice! Who else is ready to put on mascara that won’t burn when you accidentally poke your eyeball? In all seriousness, this makeup collection is extremely natural, straight down to the packaging. Using paper means a lot of the packaging is recyclable, and knowing how much we go through, it’s nice to know that we are being environmentally conscious when it comes to cosmetics.

Flower wax is an all-natural, aromatic by-product of our favorite thing about spring flowers!

FlowerColor Blush

Blush Blush group shot with match box
Credit: Ecco Bella

The FlowerColor blush comes in five shades: Coral Rose, Earthy Rose, Peach Rose, Wild Rose, and Nutmeg. Each blush is $15.95. The paper compact that holds it is both recyclable and refillable! You can purchase a single holder for $9.95 or a double for $10.95 directly from Ecco Bella!

How cool is this refillable AND recyclable blush compact?

Credit: Ecco Bella

The vegan formula includes sweet almond oil, natural pigments, flower wax, and Vitamin E. Each blush is Talc and fragrance-free, which makes them a great choice for sensitive skin!

FlowerColor Bronzing Powder

Credit: Ecco Bella

The Ecco Bella bronzer is made with flower wax-infused minerals and fortified with aloe, Vitamin E, and green tea. Like the blushes, the bronzer also comes in a paper compact, only this one is not refillable. The single shade, Hibiscus, is vegan and fragrance and talc-free. It’s $32.95.

FlowerColor Face Powder

Credit: Ecco Bella

The FlowerColor Face Powder is exclusively formulated with extra skin care benefits. They have green tea extract, flower waxes, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Like the bronzer, the Face Powder is packaged in a recyclable paper (non-refillable) compact with a mirror and puff. The Face Powder comes in Fair, Pale, Light, and Medium for $32.95 each.

FlowerColor Eyeshadows

Credit: Ecco Bella

The vegan FlowerColor refillable eyeshadows use flower wax to help lock in moisture. This keeps pigment looking fresh all day! The eyeshadow pans come in 15 natural matte shades and are $14.95, each.

FlowerColor Mascara

Credit: Ecco Bella

The water-resistant mascara comes in either brown or black for $21.95. The flower wax-infused formula is free of alcohol and parabens, making it a great choice for sensitive eyes! The tube also has its own mirror, which is perfect for mid-day touch ups.

If you want cosmetics that are as natural and organic as possible, Ecco Bella’s flower wax-infused FlowerColor collection is a perfect choice! They are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Shop the entire collection here!