beauty blender
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A woman’s bathroom counter is a true thing of beauty and mystery, especially if you’re a guy. Between contraptions like eyelash curlers and endless bottles of liquids and gels, it can be overwhelming to behold.

While some men have taken to using makeup – like the amazing 17-year-old CoverGirl brand ambassador James Charles – others aren’t quite so savvy. While we appreciate their attempts at understanding the expansive world of beauty, they remain generally clueless as to what getting ready entails. And they’re especially clueless to all the beauty tools and resources we have at the ready.

One beauty vlogger decided to put this male obliviousness to the test.

Selena Faye challenged her followers to ask the men in their life if they could identify a beauty blender, the makeup sponges used to apply foundation and concealer.

As expected, the responses were laugh out loud funny.

Well, he’s not wrong…. false

This is also accurate.

This follower asked her dad, brother and boyfriend. Her dad is getting close!

Wait…boob stuffing?

We are cracking up at “Rain drop.” false

He knows what’s up.

And finally, the ultimate response.


Good try, everyone. There were plenty more where these came from that are seriously funny to read. And fellas, though you were (mostly) way off, you were at least very entertaining throughout the guessing process. So thanks for playing along!