Gina Florio
December 07, 2016 12:36 pm
urbandecaycosmetics / Instagram

Whether you’re a makeup junkie or an admirer from afar, you’ve probably heard of Urban Decay’s iconic Naked eye shadow palettes. They’re a necessity for anyone who’s obsessed with putting a little extra beauty on their eyelids, and they’re in high enough demand that Urban Decay doesn’t have to worry about the Naked Palette fanbase dying down anytime soon.

But don’t let your obsession with these eye shadow palettes rob you of common sense. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this Urban Decay product, someone out there has been creating phony Naked palettes — and people are eating them up.

On first glance, it’s easy to be fooled by this copycat. But if you look closely, this is a Naked 5 edition, and if you’re a true Urban Decay fan you’ll know that the ever popular eye shadow palettes only go up to Naked 3. There’s only Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3 and, additionally, there’s Naked Ultimate Basic, and another called Naked Smoky. Uh oh.

A rep from Urban Decay told that “no new NAKEDs beyond the NAKED Ultimate Basics palette are coming out anytime soon.” So if you see any of these fakes floating around on the Internet, don’t fall for it. Be sure to also spread the word to your makeup-loving friends as well, because they might be tempted to buy one as a Christmas present.

There are even counterfeit Naked palettes ranging all the way up to Naked 8. Someone must stop this madness! This is just plain mean!

If you ever have any doubt as to which Naked palettes are real, just check in with Urban Decay’s site or social media profiles. They haven’t released any new numbered Naked palettes since 2013, so if something fresh is released, we’re sure they’ll let you know firsthand.