Credit: Kristin Crabtree /

We love all things that glitter and sparkle, so when we came across this look on Instagram we were like, WHOA. There are so many unique Halloween makeup looks out there, but this one seriously made us pause. Why? Because this Halloween makeup mask by Kristin Crabtree is like nothing we’ve ever seen before!

Like, how BEAUTIFUL is this epic Halloween makeup look?!

The. Most. Beautiful! We’re so blown away. So what was behind this look? She explains,

She’s also sweet enough to explain exactly how to get the look!

Taking major notes, obviously.

The WIP is also totally magical.

It’s such a major work of art. We could never have come up with this, and we’re so grateful for this look! The artist offered up the inside scoop on how to make the gems happen. She explained,

We’ll definitely be giving this one a shot.