Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Dec 12, 2016 @ 3:12 pm
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Most of us have received a present from a family member that just barely missed the mark. Perhaps it was a pair of pants a size too small, or they bought us the wrong Die Hard movie. This dad, who accidentally bought his daughter a paint brush sponge instead of a makeup sponge, may have struck some cosmic gold.

A Reddit user, named Gina Marie, shared a sweet anecdote on the Makeup Addiction discussion board. She told other Redditors how her dad mistakenly bought her a paint brush sponge to mix and blend her foundation instead of an actual makeup sponge. Whoops!

Gina Marie shared on the thread:

Besides being a genuinely sweet story of a father trying to bless his daughter with makeup tools, the concept of using art supplies for makeup application isn’t outlandish.

A handful of popular beauty vloggers have used art supplies to do makeup tutorials, so why not? Let’s not forget bra inserts are all the buzz right now to apply foundation thanks to the Silisponge. So, anything is possible!

Makeup is an art and her dad was just keying into the practical art tools he’s familiar with. If it’s good enough to mix paint, it’s probably good enough to mix foundation.