Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Mar 27, 2017 @ 12:29 pm
Credit: Rosegal

There is something to be said for everything having a home. It’s easier to care for our objects (and ourselves), when we have neat and tidy placeholders for what we hold dearest. So for makeup lovers, this quaint beauty sponge placeholder is the answer to a question we didn’t realize we were asking.

If you swear by the makeup perfecting abilities of the BeautyBlender, then investing in an affordable holder makes complete sense. After all, you don’t want your baby sponge egg BeautyBlender (maybe we’re getting a little affectionate) to roll off your vanity and accumulate dust, right? Hell no, not when it’s going directly on your lovely skin.

You no longer have to worry, because a woman on Reddit discovered a BeautyBlender storage system that works.

Plus it taps into the strangely cute egg aesthetics of the BeautyBlender.

The solution to your problems is the 2 Pc Colormix Beauty Blender Drying Stand from RoseGal, $5

Credit: Rosegal

IT LOOKS LIKE IT HAS CHICKEN FEET, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?! Sorry, we got a little excited there.

Credit: Rosegal

Besides being cute, this provides makeup lovers with a useful tool to air out their BeautyBlender after washing, while keeping it safe from cross contamination. We’re down with this agenda.

Now you can give your BeautyBlender the freedom and autonomy of its own little chicken leg home.