Zara H
Updated Nov 28, 2017 @ 1:00 pm
Credit: Courtesy of ColourPop

We’ve said it once (okay fine, a lot of times), but we’ll say it again: you can never be too shimmery during the holiday season.

That’s why ColourPop’s newest Luster Dust highlighters are SUCH a welcome addition to our makeup collections right now. The brand launched its first-ever loose highlighters, and let’s just say, even the biggest strobing enthusiast probably doesn’t have a dupe for this in his or her collection.

But let’s talk formula.

Generally, when we think of powder highlighters, we imagine them pressed neatly into compacts. ColourPop’s products, on the other hand? It’s a loose powder, which means the sparkle factor is REAL. You know how they say you can see certain highlights from space? Yeah, we’d say this one fits that description.

These won’t just give you the most incredible glow; they’ll also impart some gorgeous pigment to your face (or body — get creative!). We’ve seen swatches of Dew Drop, an incredibly rich bronze; Aura Voir, a peachy-gold; and Gnomie, a stunning rose gold shift.

1Dew Drop, $7

2Aura Voir, $7

3Gnomie, $7

Credit: Courtesy of ColourPop

Just take a look at these swatches below, *cue the sound of angels singing*.

The best part? They’re available on ColourPop’s website right now, and they’re also on sale for $4.90.

Pretty spectacular, right? We can only imagine the beautiful things we can do with this loose formula.