Wouldn’t it simply be the best if the whole world was a shimmering holographic illusion?! We could be projecting here (GET IT?!), but we have a feeling the new Coloured Raine holographic makeup palette will make all your colorful existential dreams come true.

After all, scientists have found substantial evidence of a holographic universe, so why not imbue our faces with the essence of the colorful and beautiful illusions we’re living inside of?! But really, when we saw this mysterious sneak peek of Coloured Raine’s upcoming mermaid-colored holographic makeup palette we immediately knew our souls (and faces) needed this. Of course, we’re still toying with the mystery of what exactly this palette contains?!

We’re hoping for eyeshadow, but honestly, nothing in this packaging can fail.

Whatever they’re about to release, it will be cosmic.

Will the colors in this palette transmit us into a dreamlike holographic state?!

We can only hope so.

Maybe, just maybe, this palette will key more into the mermaid-colored aspects of its packaging.

Your guess is as good as ours at this point.

We suppose we’ll just have to meditate on these possibilities, and the great holographic abyss until we get answers.