bunny meyer
Credit: Bunny Meyer /

The internet is awash with beauty vloggers clamoring to get their moment in the spotlight, but no one stands out of the crowd quite like Bunny Meyer, aka Grav3yardGirl. She’s made a name for herself with her wacky, silly, and down-to-earth tutorials that have led to beauty collaborations with big names like Tarte Cosmetics. Now, it appears she’s cooking up a new secret makeup collaboration, and we are dying to know what it is.

Her last makeup endeavor included a palette and some lipsticks with Tarte that were very well-received, so we have a feeling that whatever it is she is working on is going to be pretty spectacular and highly coveted.

From the looks of those black-and-white swatches, we have a feeling there’s an eyeshadow palette in the works, and even from these grainy photos, we can tell that the consistency looks amazing.

There’s speculation that this could be yet another collab with Tarte, though we all know that ColourPop has been ON TOP of their collaborations lately, and it wouldn’t surprise us if they had some tricks up their sleeves. Bunny would work perfectly with their overall vibe and aesthetic, don’t you think?

Whatever this new makeup venture is, we know we can count on Bunny’s lighthearted spirit and bold personality to be infused in the product. She is confident, happy, and true to herself, so we can only hope that her makeup reflects that as well.

We’ll be looking for clues all over Bunny’s social for what’s to come, as well as wiling the hours away pondering who the collaboration could be with. What are your theories? Could it be an indie brand like Melt Cosmetics or a big one like MAC? Now, that would be a fun surprise. Either way, we’re ready for more info!