Credit: Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

It’s safe to say that Britney Spears is probably one of the richest pop stars on the planet — Forbes has estimated her earnings for 2016 alone at $30.5 million, thanks to her lucrative Las Vegas residency, new music, and multiple endorsement deals. Girlfriend makes bank, and has been consistently makin’ that paper since she burst onto the scene as a teenager back in 1998.

But one of the many awesome things about queen Britney is that even though she’s worth millions, she absolutely loves a bargain — her love of Target has been well-documented, and she enjoys eating at affordable hot spots like Subway and IHOP. In a new interview, Britney shares exactly how she’d spend her last $5, and you’ll be happy to know that she’s still the most relatable celebrity of all time.

Britney played a Vegas-themed game of Question Roulette with Australia’s Today show, and was asked how she’d spend her very last Lincoln. In true down-to-earth Britney fashion, she said,

Of course, Brit has endorsed Eos and their adorable, egg-shaped balms for a long time, but the fact that she’d hit up CVS for the all-important necessities with her last dollar bill makes us love her even more than we already did.

Check out the rest of her game of questions — she reveals who her first celebrity crush is (hint: he’s very recently single!) and the one message she’d share with her boys.