Lourdes Avila Uribe
February 21, 2017 3:31 pm
Bobbi Brown / www.instagram.com

When we first heard the news that Bobbi Brown was leaving her eponymous beauty brand to pursue other interests, we had heart palpitations from anxiety about what would happen to the company. But we should have known that we could trust Bobbi to leave the brand in good hands, and their new squeezable lipstick is proof that they’re still coming out with creative and innovative products that will make us look absolutely beautiful! The Art Stick liquid lip is available now, and there are way more shades than we were expecting, each one more lovely than the last!

There are 16 different super-pigmented shades that’ll deliver a semi-matte, full coverage color that’s super creamy and moisturizing while still being lightweight and long-wearing.

How decadent!

You can get the Bobbi Brown Art Stick liquid lip online at Sephora or Bobbi Brown, for $28.

Now who would we be if we didn’t take a look at all these gorgeous shades one by one? They’re worthy of being studied!


Bobbi Brown

A true, bright pink.


Bobbi Brown

A bright berry.


Bobbi Brown

A cherry red.

4English Rose

Bobbi Brown

A mid-toned rose.

5Honey Bare

Bobbi Brown

A soft beige.

6Hot Tangerine

Bobbi Brown

A bright red-orange.


Bobbi Brown

A bright violet pink.

8Naked Pink

Bobbi Brown

A soft pink nude.


Bobbi Brown

A bright orange coral.

10Perfect Nude

Bobbi Brown

A pinky brown.

11Pink Heather

Bobbi Brown

A rich neutral berry.

12Pink Punch

Bobbi Brown

A bright coral pink.

13Plum Noir

Bobbi Brown

A rich plum.

14Rich Red

Bobbi Brown

A rich red.

15Uber Red

Bobbi Brown

A bright blue red.

16Vintage Pink

Bobbi Brown

A neutral pink.

Aren’t they all divine?

We can’t wait to try them. We love how they have a semi-matte finish and how easy to use the squeeze tube is. It’s convenient and beautiful all in one! Visit Bobbi Brown and Sephora to get yours!