Bronwyn Isaac
April 03, 2017 2:59 pm
Bite Beauty /

Besides the obvious appeal of sugar (the innocent and legal younger sibling of cocaine), candy appeals to many of us because of the bright colors and vivid packaging they come in. So when we saw Bite Beauty’s new spring lipstick shades on Instagram, the beautiful colored lipsticks immediately made us think of our childhood favorites, Smarties.

The 10 new gorgeous Bite Beauty lipstick shades have the bright candy-like appeal of a freshly opened sleeve of Smarties, except we imagine they don’t taste as delicious and chalky (although whose to say).

The 10 limited edition Bite Beauty spring shades will be available as soon as NEXT WEEK at their Lip Lab locations, so get your makeup bag ready now.

We’re going to need to clear some space for these delicious bad boys.

This new set is truly a rainbow of lip color options, including everything from a sunny yellow, to a dark lime green, to a mermaid blue.

We’re also here for the four bold shades of purple. There could be some serious Easter looks in the works with this collection. Only one more week to wait!

We might just have to feed our suspense with a package of Smarties while we wait for these to come out next week!