Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Jan 09, 2017 @ 3:30 pm
Credit: Benefit Cosmetics /

The idea of a time machine would be remarkable for an endless amount of reasons. We could leap into the future and prepare ourselves for what’s to come (and possibly prevent horrors) and we could raid the closets of our ancestors. In the latter spirit, the new Benefit Cosmetics blush looks like a glowing pink, sunny shade plucked straight from the ’70s.

The new vintage-inspired makeup, coming out of the prolific and well-loved Benefit Cosmetics, features a ’70s-inspired shade that resembles a freshly ripened pink grapefruit. It is appropriately named Galifornia.

A press release from Benefit Cosmetics shared the details on the bright California-themed rouge:

It looks like a ’70s-inspired palette that Farrah Fawcett would wear on the set of Charlie’s Angels, which is to say, it’s killing the daytime glam.

Look at this gorgeous blush! We can’t wait to wear this!

Credit: Benefit Cosmetics / Instagram Story

Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long to get this little beauty in our hands. It’s set to launch online on March 21st and in stores on April 7th!

Credit: Benefit Cosmetics / Snapchat

Benefit Cosmetics even posted an Instagram Story showing the behind-the-scenes inspiration for the blush.

You guessed it, they’re building a window to a beachy ’70s utopia through this new release.

Credit: Benefit Cosmetics

They essentially built a Beach Boys-inspired land of blushing beauties.

Credit: Benefit Cosmetics

You too, can join the sunny ranks of the Galifornia Dreaming crew when this blush is released in March for $29!