Some people are naturally blessed with clear skin and eyes that look fresh as a daisy on the regular, but some of us have some serious Serge Gainsbourg on a bender-style dark shadows that need just a bit of help in the makeup department. That’s where some of the best powerful concealers come in to give us a helping hand, like Benefit Cosmetics’ new Boi-ing Collection. This already popular line has gotten a makeover from packaging to formula and it includes a new addition to make sure we’re all covered no matter what our concealer needs may be.

The revamped Benefit Boi-ing Collection will be available online at HSN on June 14th for $20, each.

You’ll be able to pick these gorgeous new additions up at Ulta, Sephora, Birchbox, Macy’s, and Benefit boutiques on June 20th.

The updated Benefit Boi-ing concealers have got you covered no matter what your skin issues may be.

They’re specially formulated to take care of all your needs with airbrush, brightening, hydrating, and industrial concealers.

The new packaging is adorable and a great updated look for the line. It includes the Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer in 3 different shades; the Boi-ing Brightening Concealer in 3 different shades; the Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer in 3 different shades; and the Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer in 3 different shades.

The Brightening Concealer brightens dull, tired eyes and tackles discoloration. The Hydrating Concealer provides sheer coverage that hydrates dry under eyes and hides dark shadows. The Airbrush Concealer provides sheer to medium coverage that conceals and retouches, giving you a flawless finish that is virtually undetectable on skin. The Industrial Strength Concealer covers heavy-duty dark circles and blemishes.

The Benefit Boi-ing Concealer collection is going to do a number on those dark circles and blemishes, we can’t wait to try it out. Not much longer before they’re all here, so keep your eyes peeled for more photos and information on their release. Summer is the perfect time to have some lovely, clear skin so we can’t think of a better time to launch these new beauties.