Claire Beaudreault
Updated Feb 01, 2017 @ 4:34 pm
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You know you’re supposed to clean your BeautyBlender, just like your makeup brushes. But how TF are you supposed to dry that thing out? Enter Blenderelle, an easy storage gadget that will cut down on bacteria and confusion.

We love our BeautyBlender and we want to protect it and prolong its life! There are, of course, alternatives to the pink sponge, like a silicone sponge that looks like a bra insert, or even a, wait for it, potato! We can’t guarantee the Blenderelle will help you with either of those, but it’ll do right by your BB.

The Blenderelle is definitely travel-friendly, so your blender won’t get torn up or snagged on other things in your makeup bag, or ruin your precious makeup with superfluous moisture.

See how nice that fits into your kit?

Blenderelle comes in two colors, pink and pearl. It kind of looks like an alien egg, or a weird air freshener…maybe even an adult toy (winky face). Whatever you think it looks like, it’ll definitely level up the mysterious pink object that perplexes boyfriends everywhere.

The icky effects of not protecting your egg. Ew!

The Blenderelle is made with an EPA registered antimicrobial additive, that helps keep funky contamination and germs away. Not mad at that!

Love the little tulip design. This would be a great Easter basket addition for the makeup obsessed.

Credit: NYC Designed

The ventilation cut-outs (50 percent of the surface) help your blender air dry.

Credit: NYC Designed

The pearl colored one is super pretty, too.

Check out how the Blenderelle works in this video:

Blenderelle is available here for $14.