Lourdes Avila Uribe
February 10, 2017 1:39 pm
Jessie J / www.youtube.com

Popstar Jessie J is no stranger to experimenting with makeup and playful new looks — she’s just as famous for her distinctive style as she is for her lovely voice. Yesterday, makeup artist and vlogger Patrick Starrr gave Jessie a gorgeous new look, and her vampy dark lips are insanely sexy! We are total advocates of rocking any makeup look no matter the season, but aren’t those dark lips just perfect for mid-February? We are feeling them hard, fam.

There’s no one better to have helped Jessie J find her inner vamp than Patrick Starrr, who always creates spot on looks for himself and others. Whether he’s going for whimsy, sensuality, lightheartedness, or glam, he captures it and leaves everyone looking and feeling like their best selves!

Back to those lips though, holy cow! Doesn’t this deep, bold makeup look seem similar to her Make Up For Ever collab video?

Jessie J / www.youtube.com

Luckily for us, Jessie shared exactly what lipstick they used so that we can go off and recreate the look ourselves!

If you so desire it, pick up Make Up For Ever’s Artist Acrylip in 501 Aubergine (Eggplant in the states) for $24.


We love this lipstick — it looks super intense but it’s actually very light and buildable.

We’re hoping to find out exactly what Patrick used on her skin as well, because OMG that glow packs some serious punch.

Talk about a glamorous life — we can just imagine these two having the time of their lives while working together.

What do you think of their latest collaboration? We love it from top to bottom, and can’t wait to see future looks that they come up with together! And we’ll definitely be picking up our own lipstick so that we can look just as vampy as Jessie!