Bronwyn Isaac
Updated January 05, 2018 8:52 am
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While we love that the internet easily connects us with of our favorite beauty vloggers, it can also prove a cruel place for the bloggers themselves. As a way to address the hostility of the web, beauty vlogger Nabela Noor made a makeup tutorial in which she paints her face with a series of insults she’s received before washing them away and starting fresh.

Noor shared in her post that over the past year she’s received thousands of messages from people calling her a “pig,” “fat,” “ugly,” and/or a “monster,” and while she knows those insults come from a place of emptiness, they’ve still hurt her at times.

Noor wrote,

Nabela Noor /

Noor went on to share that in order to transcend all of the internet hate, she built a beauty routine that centers around self-love.

It’s not about the makeup itself, but rather the act of celebrating her beauty.

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She shared,

Nabela Noor /

She added,

The makeup tutorial begins with a makeup-less Noor, then after she paints the insults she received, she replaces them with uplifting words, and then slays with a finished glamorous makeup look.

Nabela Noor /

You can watch her full inspiring transformation and peep the fab product recommendations.

We are fully here for 2018 being the year of self-love.