Casey Holmes x Smashbox
Credit: Casey Holmes /

YouTube beauty vlogger Casey Holmes is teasing out a mystery collaboration with Smashbox Cosmetics. We’re not the only ones wondering: what could this collab possibly be???

Casey’s million-plus YouTube followers and 835K Instagram followers have a few guesses. A recent post on Casey’s Instagram has Miss Holmes’s followers channeling another Holmes — Sherlock!

She captioned her Insta post:

A lot of commenters are speculating that the cute shiny boxes contain some kind of highlighter. The side of the box reads “Control the Light” and stage lights adorn the front of the package. Is that an eyebrow on the front? Maybe it’s an eyeshadow??? WHAT IS IT, CASEY?!

Casey’s clearly a huge fan of Smashbox (and a member of the #SmashboxSquad). They’ve got so many different types of products that it could be absolutely anything! (Except lipstick. It’s probably not lipstick in a package like that.)

Whatever the super secret product ends up being, Casey’s definitely got a good technique when it comes to building a following. We’re sure her Snapchat is popping off right now as beauty sleuths try to crack the case. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information comes to…light.

Keep an eye on Casey’s Instagram and Snapchat for more info. Whatever this mystery product is, it’s launching in a few days over at!