jessica tholmer
Updated Oct 23, 2017 @ 10:44 am

Nobody wants to be pulled over. But if you have a face full of Shrek makeup, you prob really don’t want to be pulled over. Shrek, the classic animated film (which was almost a completely different movie) is one we all know and love. Since it was first released 16 years ago, it’s made its mark on pop culture, from an Honest Trailer to maybe inspiring Game of Thrones. Many of us have seen Shrek over and over again. But not many of us have taken our love to this level. Twitter user @_haybayy recently shared her most embarrassing (or most incredible?) moment with the internet.

She was pulled over by a police officer while wearing full Shrek makeup.

Makeup-only Halloween costumes are always a hit, so at least the time of year was right?

You probably have a few questions. First of all, so do we.

The most information that @_haybayy gave the world was that she was on her way home from makeup class. There is no explanation for why Shrek makeup was being taught in class, or whether or not it was her own choice because of her love for the delightful film.

One thing is for sure: she looked amazing!

Her makeup was on point, perfectly green and ogre-y.

Naturally, because this is the internet, the responses were absolutely amazing. false

Oh, the people of Twitter. Always coming with the jokes.

Unfortunately, dear @_haybayy did get a ticket for speeding, and even her sense of humor couldn’t get her out of it. Maybe she’ll be cast in a live production of the movie, though. She at least has her Twitter fame to ease the blow of a speeding ticket.