Bretman Rock
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Beauty superstar Bretman Rock shared a preview of a new highlighter that might be part of a secret collab!

If you know anything about social media beauty guru Bretman Rock, you probably know of his highlighter obsession. The makeup artist and influencer even wore so much highlighter to the DMV that his ID photo can double as a flashlight.

Now the proponent of self-confidence and self-love appears to be releasing his own highlighter palette. Bret teased the product in an Instagram video that showed the golden child vamping in the sunshine in blue lipstick and lush lashes.

According to Bret, the highlighter is “a secret for now.”

That’s a SERIOUS glow, we’re gonna need sunglasses! So who’s the lucky brand releasing Bret’s illuminator? Trendmood reposted Bret’s pic with her own commentary.

Apparently the highlighter is part of a palette with “a brand we know.”

Amid the shady comments on the post are some speculations as to the identity of the collaborator. Someone suggested MAC. Or could it be Kylie? Weirder things have happened. Some folks in the comments believe there’s too much highlighter on the market, but Bretman is all about doing what feels right and makes you feel good!

Bret has a makeup-specific Instagram account where he and his sister feature fans and makeup artists who’ve brought out their personality with unique makeup looks. We’re sure we’ll see the highlighter on @bretmansvanity very soon.

Gold face tat, check. Highlighted ears, check.

We’ll keep you posted on further developments as soon as we hear them!