Is there anything that can’t be used as a foundation blender these days? Nope! Beauty bloggers are setting out across social media to prove that just about any object can be used to aid your beauty regimen in some way. And the latest item to be adopted by beauty buffs for regular usage is, yep, your iPhone. Because not only can Siri answer questions for you like “where to bury the body” or “why did the chicken cross the road,” she can also help you blend your foundation in a pinch.

Skeptical? So were we. Like, were people actually rubbing foundation directly onto their faces with their iPhones? (Side note: Do you understand how gross your phone gets without regular sanitization?!). BUT, by the looks of it, beauty buffs are using the backs of their iPhones as a sort of blending palette, mixing shades together atop the Apple device *before* dabbing a beauty blender in to apply directly.

Okay, so in a bind, this seems like a logical option for an impromptu mixing palette. Right?

Not sure how we’d *ever* get our iPhones clean afterward, though. Perhaps with a makeup removing wipe?

So, are there probably better make-up blending dishes available that don’t require getting sticky foundation all over your phone? Probably. But this seems legit too, and like it’d make a hella good selfie. Except, said selfie may be tricky considering the back of your phone would be covered in makeup. We digress…

Nevertheless, this *looks* like it’s gearing up to be one of the biggest beauty trends on social media right now. But may we make one teensy suggestion? We think someone should invent an iPhone case for blending purposes ASAP, since it would provide a clean and easily removable surface. Win-win!