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First things first: we’re all about women’s empowerment, but we also LOVE makeup. Is anything more fun than getting creative with your face? One of our favorite new makeup trends is understated makeup. It’s not quite the no makeup look, but isn’t quite a full face of makeup, either. Instead, understated makeup looks are all about glowing skin, and a pop (or two!) of color. Soft, dewy skin and experimental makeup really calls to our beauty-obsessed souls.

So we were totally in love when we discovered makeup artist Anne Sophia Costa. This artist’s sparkling looks seriously make us SO happy inside. Plus, it’s so artsy and fun!

We just adore these super bright, but super understated, makeup looks.

Who knew a single pop of color could pack such a punch?

These soft and glowy looks are peak ~understated beauty~ and we’re head over heels!

We just adore every single one, and are dying to give these subtle makeup looks a try.

TG for amazing makeup artists like these for showing us a new way to rock our makeup!