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In my years as a professional manicurist and nail artist I’ve tried countless polishes, gels, and nail treatments. Despite the care and time I take with creating custom designs for clients, photoshoots, and products, when it comes to my own manicures, I rarely have the energy or patience to do anything crazy.

Enter Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel polish. This two-step no-light gel-like polish goes on quickly and lasts like nobody’s business. When I need to make my nails look um, polished, in a flash, this is my go-to.

Full disclosure: a few seasons ago I worked a New York Fashion Week event on the team of celebrity nail artist and Sally’s Global Color Ambassador Madeline Poole. That’s when I became acquainted with Miracle Gel, and my life was forever changed. :::Angel choir sings in the background.:::

Using Miracle Gel to manicure attendees of the bustling event, I became familiar with how the product behaved. The two steps (color then top coat) streamline the manicure process. Many of the shades have full coverage in just one coat, making the manicure even faster. With over 70 shades to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Seventy shades, people!

Even though there’s no base coat, the vibrant colors don’t stain the nail at all. How is this even possible!? The topcoat goes on a little thicker than normal topcoats, to create that rounded gel look. It dries after application but continues to “cure” in natural light, similar to how UV gel polish (the kind that uses a lamp) works.

Miracle Gel claims to last for 14 days, but I wouldn’t know from personal experience since I get too bored to stick with one color for longer than a week. Still, reviews online show that consumers are happy with results. Removal is, of course, easier than removing UV gel polish, but because the top coat continues to cure as the nails are exposed to sunlight, removal will take a little longer than regular polish.

Yet, another reason to love Miracle Gel, it’s accessible to the public and not just the pros (like say, CND’s Vinylux, which works in a similar way.) The Sally brush is generously sized, medium length, and nice and flat. It might be a little wide for some nails, but as brushes go it’s one of the better ones.

My absolute favorite shade is Terra Coppa, a coppery rose gold shimmer. The metallic is neutral enough to flatter my warmish-olivish-yellowish skin tone. I can achieve full coverage with one generous coat. Because of its shade and texture, this polish won’t show mistakes or chips!

My precious metals! Game of Chromes and Terra Coppa are the most perfect coppery-rose gold.

Honestly, if you add one color from the Miracle Gel line to your collection make it this one.

I’m also a fan of B-Girl, a flattering minty green with warm undertones to flatter many skin tones.

Miracle Gel works great for nail art too!

You can purchase Sally Hansen Miracle Gel at most major drug or beauty stores for $6 to $10. What shade will you be trying out?