Claire Beaudreault
Updated Nov 21, 2017 @ 3:48 pm

You can now grab some setting powder along with your Slurpee, thanks to the new makeup collection available at 7-Eleven stores.

You heard us right, the iconic chain is now carrying cosmetics. (Yes, we called 7-Eleven iconic.) Budget-minded beauty lovers will appreciate the convenience (pun intended) of shopping for makeup and other supplies along with their midnight munchies.

Available exclusively at 7-Eleven locations, Simply Me Beauty offers affordable makeup, tools, and skin care. Prices range from $2.99 to $4.99, which is cheaper than some of the store’s new fancy healthy salads.

There are a staggering 37 products available.

You can shop blushes, glosses, lipsticks, lip crayons, contour sticks, highlighters, mascara, brow powders, eyeshadow, foundation, BB creams, faux lashes, brushes — the list goes on. The line includes wipes, concealer, and nail polish remover, because sometimes you gotta fix a beauty emergency on short notice.

With supermarkets gaining a foothold in the beauty industry, it makes sense that convenience stores are trying to get in on the action. The brand stands by its quality; products were tested against national brands for quality assessment.

Joy Pico, 7-Eleven category manager, had this to say in a press release sent to HelloGiggles:

We do know this: the first person to do a makeup look inspired by Buffalo Chicken Rollers wins the internet.

A selection of items from the Simply Me Beauty collection.

Credit: Courtesy of Simply Me Beauty

Some of the eye products.

Credit: Courtesy of Simply Me Beauty

When in doubt, curl your lashes.

For the face…

Credit: Courtesy of Simply Me Beauty

Because you know you’ve tried to take your makeup off with a regular hand wipe and it did NOT do the trick.

Concealer is very important.

Credit: Courtesy of Simply Me Beauty

Not sure how extensive the range of shades will be. (We can’t all be Fenty Beauty.)

That red is the exact shade of a cherry Slurpee.

Credit: Courtesy of Simply Me Beauty

Shop the Simply Me Beauty line ($2.99 – $4.99) at 7-Eleven stores.