Madison Vanderberg
Updated Aug 11, 2017 @ 4:17 pm

Imagine paying for something simply by taking a selfie with it? Okay, now imagine that’s a real-life thing because it is. At The Selfie Store by Mark. The cosmetic brand Mark (the Avon offshoot) has recently launched in Australia and to commemorate the moment, they opened a pop-up shop where you pay for products by taking a selfie.

They call it a “selfie powered” store.

Here’s how Australian outlet The Edge describes it:

The store opening is hosted by singer and “Queen of Instagram” Pia Mia. Pia previously made a splash here in the states for being friends with Kylie Jenner.

Apparently, in Australia, Pia’s now the ~Instagram Queen.~

The selfie lighting in the store looks bananas.

Credit: Don Arnold/WireImage

So far, people are already uploading and paying with selfies.

Paying via posting a selfie wearing the makeup is a clever idea, as so many people learn about new products and makeup trends from Instagram these days.

Last year, Amazon filed a patent to own the “pay-by-selfie” model. However, their idea was different. Similar to one-click ordering, you would take a picture of your face that would activate the payment screen. So you weren’t necessarily paying WITH your selfie, but using your selfie as your login.

We’ll see how selfies at checkouts evolve in the future. Crazy times!