Alexandra Villarreal
February 06, 2015 2:22 pm

On a chilly February day, there’s literally nothing more fun than curling up with a mug of hot cocoa and watching extreme makeup tutorials on YouTube. Nothing, I say! Not to toot our own horns or anything, but we may have just found the most amazing beauty transformation to ever go down on the world wide web. In a 116-second video, Beauty High’s editorial director Rolando Robinson changes from a mustachioed dude to a haute couture harajuku vixen, and the results are mind-boggling.

Beauty High is full of awesome tips and how-tos for hair, nails, and personal care, but this video take the cake for coolness. Robinson throws on eye shadow, fake lashes, and an ornate mouthpiece plus eyebrows made of paper, dollar bills, and diamonds. According to Robinson, the design is inspired by “harajuku style, the year 2015, and nature.” Though the look itself took him 3-4 hours to finish (not to mention the 5 hours he spent making his add-on paper props), we see the makeover in super speed. Each frame gets a little closer to that harajuku fierceness, and it’s really exciting to watch.

At first, as Robinson spreads white foundation all over his face, things aren’t looking super promising.

But then he kills it with his cat-eye liner.

By the time he’s covering his brows with sparkly doodads, we’re totally hooked.

When he tops it all off with a whimsically decadent hat, he’s so ready for the runway and we’re in full-on awe.

Robinson exudes the fresh, fun, flirty vibe of a 2015 makeup fever dream, and he does so seamlessly. No one has to know it took hours to arrive at this fashion masterpiece, right?

At the end of the clip, Robinson asks, “How’s that for extreme?” The answer is “literally amazing.” Time to try it ourselves because it’s almost the weekend, and we’ve got 3-4 hours to spare. If only fake lashes weren’t the devil in disguise!

On second thought, maybe we’ll stick with the YouTube and hot cocoa. Robinson seems to have cornered the market on this whole amazing makeover thing anyway.

If you want the whole video treatment, it’s all yours (and we totally recommend it).

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