Devan McGuinness
September 02, 2016 2:20 pm
@ponysmakeup / Instagram

Some of us are blessed with the talent and skill of being able to transform our bad skin day into a flawless complexion using makeup. It’s a wonderful way to boost our own confidence, but as this makeup artist shows, sometimes makeup can give us a radical new look.

Meet Pony, a Korean makeup artist that is taking her talent to the extremes and it’s incredible.

Pony started her makeup YouTube channel in 2015 and has since been posting flawless looks and showcasing her incredible talent. But a video she posted five months ago showing how she can transform herself into a near identical Taylor Swift using makeup brought more eyes to her crazy talent.

Using clever contouring tricks, a signature red lip and some blue contacts, she switches her look completely and we’re stunned.

@ponysmakeup / Instagram

And if that wasn’t incredible enough, she did it all over again, this time mimicking Kylie Jenner

She was able to nail Kylie’s famous lips and big eyes using makeup techniques that has us all going ‘woah!’

@ponysmakeup / Instagram

WORK, girl!