Briana Hansen
August 04, 2016 1:03 pm

Gisela Villa is a self-taught makeup artist with some serious talent. Both her professional and personal Instagram pages are filled with pictures of her looking absolutely stunning with her bold and gorgeous beauty choices.

While most of her pictures feature her own face, she recently decided to get a little experimental and try out some stylish looks on an unsuspecting model: Her father.

People are not only wow-ed by her dad’s self confidence (he is clearly owning that photoshoot), but also by Gisela’s own skills with the makeup brush.

And even though he looks like a total natural (with the stunning highlighter offsetting his facial hair really nicely), he doesn’t always get decked out in makeup. From the looks of it, this is likely his first time rocking some Kylie Jenner products. But he clearly totally adores his daughter and was down to show his love and support.

He didn’t just let her do a dab or two of foundation and call it a day. The man is totally decked out… even down to the fabulous false lashes.

The post is starting a small internet revolution that makes people realize just how awesome men can actually look when they wear a little makeup, even if they’re only doing it to bond with their daughter (which actually makes the whole experience even better).

Awesome work, Gisele. And huge kudos to your absolutely stunning father!