Gina Vaynshteyn
February 21, 2015 7:00 am

In this newest edition of How Cultures Around The World See Beauty Differently, several women were given makeovers in the countries they are currently living in as expatriates, and the experience was documented by Jezebel. Each makeover reflects the beauty standards that dominate the country in question.

In this particular experiment, called “Mall Makeovers,” three girls from the US, one girl from Lebanon, and one from England were sent to their local malls to get makeovers in the countries they now live. Take a look at these transformations:

Alia, who is from Massachusetts, US, and now lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Alia told Jezebel, “Dubai itself is over 90% expat, but in this case, ‘Dubai’ refers specifically to Gulf Arabs as a whole – the Khalijis, or ‘locals.’ Within that community, you can definitely start to see some common trends. The main emphasis is always on the eye makeup – quite heavy, quite black – and a perfect complexion.”

Liv, who is from Norfolk, England and is living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“In Vietnam, pale is beautiful, and they’re in whole-hearted agreement with our Victorian forefathers in their idea that freckles are fine if you’re a pig-herder in the countryside. This obsession with maintaining pale skin is still evident everywhere in Saigon. The women wear split toe socks under their flip flops to avoid tan lines on their feet, they wear full length gloves while riding their motorbikes and wrap scarves under their helmets and around sunglasses to maintain their pale complexions,” says Liv.

Talar, who is from Mount Lebanon, Lebanon and now lives in London, England

Talar states, “London is such an eclectic city that everyone has their own style. That said, the Kate Middleton look is in, and Sienna Miller and Rita Ora are also beauty icons. The no-eyebrow trend is quickly catching on, but Cara Delevingne brows are here to stay.”

And finally, this is MacKenzie, who is from Massachusetts, US and is now living Beirut, Lebanon.

MacKenzie described Lebanese style as: “Bold brows, perfect skin (even if it requires six-inches of makeup), contouring, cat eyes, false lashes. More is more, Kim Kardashian-style. Natural is less important than perfect and tanner is better. I’m often called out for being ‘too white.'”

(All images via Jezebel )