If you’ve decided to join the icy blonde club alongside Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Stone, you should consider investing in some purple hair products. Bleached hair often turns yellow and brassy over time (thanks a lot, AIR), but using purple-toned treatments can counteract the process, helping you stay as Khaleesi as possible. Here are some of the best anti-brass products out there right now:

1. Oribe’s Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner


This rich violet formula is oh so luxurious and gentle on lightened hair. All Oribe products smell incredible, and this stuff will leave your locks so soft and healthy, you can wait a few extra days in between ‘poos.
Oribe: $44 and $46

2. Pravana’s The Perfect Blonde Masque


Intended to be used once a week, this uber hydrating deep conditioner comes out of the tube looking like purple finger paint – it’s no joke! This stuff is so powerful, it can noticeably brighten your hair after just one treatment, and, unlike some toner shampoos, will not dry out your ‘do. Pair with other products from Pravana’s The Perfect Blonde line for an even more intense defense against brassiness.
Ulta: $22.90

3. Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo


Okay, here’s the thing about Shimmer Lights: it really works. Don’t bother with the conditioner – it really doesn’t work – and be careful about leaving this stuff on your hair too long. It actually deposits color, which means that a few extra minutes of lathering could result in some violet highlights.
Sally’s Beauty: $9.29

4. Overtone Vibrant Silver Daily Conditioner


The Overtone line of color enriching conditioners is meant to keep dyed hair looking fresh — they sell shades ranging from teal to pink to purple. While conditioning your hair, Overtone leaves a layer of semi-permanent pigment that works way better than the ol’ mixing dye in your Tresammé trick. Coat your white blonde in this gorgeous silver hue and rinse out after two to three minutes; any more and you might hit granny status.
Overtone: $17

5. Blonda Shampoo and Conditioner


According to Jennifer Lawrence’s hair stylist, this is how the star keeps her cool blonde bob so – brrrr – icy. And we all know that if you use the same hair soap as J. Law, you get one more step closer to BECOMING J. Law.
Blonda: $25 and $27

6. Olaplex No. 3

Bleaching and toning can cause crazy damage to your hairs, but this amazing strengthening treatment combats breakage (and smells like Juniper Breeze Bath and Body Works lotion, which is the best bonus ever). “Pro” tip: wet your hair and leave Olaplex No. 3 in overnight. Kim Kardashian does it and it works wonders.
Available at Olaplex salons.