Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly be more impressed by selfie stick use than when our president recently used one to promote the healthcare campaign—this weekend Mae Whitman and about a thousand of her pals just upped the selfie game.

On Saturday, Whitman (ya know, the rad star of The DUFF) posed with DJ and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman, fashion blogger Sincerely Jules, and thousands of people on South Beach to not only promote Aerie’s adorable new swimsuit line, but also to promote their body-positive #LoveYourREALSelfie campaign with “the world’s largest unretouched selfie.”

Aerie has been promoting their lingerie line with unretouched ad campaigns for a while now, encouraging all women to love their real bodies. “By challenging supermodel standards, Aerie is poised to spark a conversation with consumers about the true meaning of beauty, because we believe the real you is sexy. No supermodels. No retouching,” an Aerie rep told US Weekly on Sunday.

While Whitman was snapping the selfie from the ground, well-known aerial photographer Gray Milan was capturing it from a helicopter. OK, not exactly the same kind of selfie, but hey, it’s a another cool perspective.

Along with other body-positive shops like ModCloth, Aerie is helping us take those steps towards showing the fashion world that we’re all awesome just the way we are—sans touch-up and filter—and the best way to get a “bikini body” is to put our bodies in a bikini. They say it best in their mission statement:


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