Credit: Jordan Murph/Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics

There are fabulous makeup collections launching almost daily, but nothing compares to the excitement surrounding the MAC Selena line. When we heard MAC was creating an entire collection inspired by the beloved late singer Selena Quintanilla, we nearly lost our minds.

While many of us are waiting to get our hands on the collection that is launching tomorrow, the brand has decided to celebrate a little early with a fabulous party.

The brand announced on their website that the MAC Selena World Premiere would take place in Corpus Christi, Texas, on Friday, September 30th, 2016 through a partnership with Dillard’s department stores. All guests are welcome and there is no charge for entry, which is incredible!

Now that the event has officially started and the photos of all the fun are rolling in, we’re totally jelly that we’re not there.

Credit: Matt Petit/Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics

At the event, the lucky attendants will be able to get their hands on the coveted collection early. Suzette Quintanilla Arriaga, Selena’s sister and CEO of Q-Productions, was heavily involved in the development of the line.

During the event, there will be a special presentation by the Quintanilla family, as well as other fun entertainment. We wish we were in Texas to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Credit: Snapchat / MAC Cosmetics

And judging by the photos, the guest are having a fabulous time.

Fans lined up for hours for the event.

There are so many people showing off their love for Selena

Credit: Snapchat / MAC Cosmetics

We love this handmade tee!

Credit: Snapchat / MAC Cosmetics

A fan even had Selena-inspired nails!

Credit: Snapchat / MAC Cosmetics

These dedicated fans are getting their lucky hands on the collection before the rest of us!

Of course, the event was lit up in Selena-themed lights.

Credit: Snapchat / MAC Cosmetics

The love for Selena is alive, even 21 years after her passing and this makeup launch, which we’re calling a huge success, is proof of her everlasting impact on the world.

The collection launches online tomorrow, October 1st, but if you’d rather see it in person before purchasing, it will all be available in store October 6th through November 17th.