MAC’s new eyeshadow is LITERALLY magnetic — here’s what that looks like

For all you ladies and gentlemen out there who love beauty products and makeup — get your wallets ready. MAC has done something revolutionary again, making us all remember why we ran to the MAC store in droves throughout high school. The makeup brand has a new eyeshadow that is literally magnetic.

If you have ever put on your foundation and painstakingly baked your face to perfection only to find that your eyeshadow fallout has ruined the entire look, this eyeshadow is for you!

As spotted by Brit + Co., the new Spellbinder Shadows are magnetized to a point that swirling your brush inside of the pot wont mess with the wave pattern of the product. It won’t budge.

The colors are very pigmented,which is something we have come to expect from the makeup brand. Although it looks like the paint pot isn’t very deep, which means that most of the packaging must be the magnet base, the color payoff is worth a try.

Magnets and makeup have been mixing for a little while. Most recently, a magnetized facial mask has been blowing up the internet. YouTube makeup gurus and Instagram swatchers have all tried out this amazing product. Wouldn’t you want to try out this amazing thing on your face?

Minimizing makeup fallout is a really big deal. Eyeshadows are able to make or break a makeup look, so finding a product that won’t smear or fall on your cheeks is crucial. For all of us who have had trouble with makeup in the past, these new MAC Spellbinder shadows are going to be a life saver.

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