Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated Oct 03, 2017 @ 3:47 pm
Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

It’s never too early to start getting excited for the holidays, especially if you’re a beauty junkie — we gotta start stockpiling for our winter looks immediately. All our favorite brands have begun releasing special Christmas themed sets, but MAC’s glamorous Holiday Collection for 2017 has us ultra-excited for the impending season.

Full of all the glitz and glamour you could possibly want your holiday makeup looks to have, this collection will have you sparkling like the most elegant disco ball you’ve ever seen. If ever a makeup collection was made for a wintry dance floor, this is it.

The MAC Snowball Holiday Collection will be available online and in-stores October 19th.

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Start saving those pennies.

The collection includes a wide array of eyeshadows, lipsticks, lashes, and kits chock-full of gorgeous, sparkly, pale-hued, wintry shades.

Let’s take a look at the MAC Snowball Holiday Collection.

1Snowball Eyeshadow, $20

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Available in five different shades: It’s Snowing, a pinky purple shimmer; Frostwinked, a white with silver pearl; Delicate Drift, a light pink with sparkle; Stylishly Merry, a gold shimmer; and Starry, Starry Nights, a black with silver sparkle.

2Snowball Face Powder, $34

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Take your pick of two shades: Happy Go Dazzlingly, a gold with sparkle; and Here Comes Joy, a peachy gold with shimmer.

3Snowball Lashes, $17

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Pick from two delectable lash colors, 36 Gold and 64 Silver.

4Snowball Lipstick, $17.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

With six new shades, there’s something for everyone. Warm Ice, a dull light pink with silver sparkle frost; I’m Glistening, a light pink with purple sparkle frost; Holiday Crush, a muted pink with sparkle frost; Shimmer & Spice, a dusty rose with shimmer frost; Rouge En Snow, an apple red matte; and Elle Belle, a deep red amplified.

5Snowball Eye and Lip Kit, $39.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Available in two shades: Pink and Rose Gold.

6Snowball Brush Kit, $49.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Available in Gold or Silver.

7Snowball Eye Bag, $39.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Pick between a Smoky Pink and Smoky Gold bag. Each includes a mascara, liner, and eyeshadow duo.

8Snowball Eye Compact, $29.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

There are two palettes available: Rose Gold and Gold.

9Snowball Lip Bag, $39.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

There’s a Nude Bag or Red Bag, each of which include a lipstick, lipglass, and lip pencil.

10Snowball Mascara Kit, $29.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Includes a clear brow set and two false lash sets.

11Snowball Mini Brush Kit, $29.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Includes a full powder brush, rounded shadow brush, and angled liner brush.

12Snowball Mini Pigment & Glitter Kit, $29.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Available in Gold or Pink, each includes two pigments and one glitter.

13Snowball Mini Lipgloss Kit, $29.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Available in Nude, Pink, or Rose sets, each includes three lip gloss shades inside.

14Snowball Shadescents Kit, $29.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

In three kit options: Creme D’Nude, Candy Yum-Yum, and Ruby Woo. Each includes a lipstick and rollerball fragrance.

15So Obsessed Mini Lip Container, $69.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Includes 12 shades: Diva, an intense reddish-burgundy matte; Ruby Woo, a very matte vivid blue red; Mangrove, a hot bright red matte; Little Darling, a clean light nude matte; Velvet Teddy, a deep-tone beige matte; Whirl, a dirty rose matte; Stone, a muted greyish taupe brown matte; Rebel, a mid-tone cream plum matte; Flat Out Fab, a bright plum matte; Good Kisser, a mid-tone fuchsia; Please Me, a muted rosy-tinted pink matte; and Party Commencing, a clean, matte light neutral pink matte.

16Snowball Mini Lipstick Kit, $29.50

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Comes in Cool, Pink, or Warm kits, and each has three lipstick shades inside.

Only a few more weeks and you’ll be able to snag all the gorgeous goodies in this collection for yourself.

All your frosty snow queen looks will be satisfied with these gorgeous, icy shades, and there are more lipsticks headed our way than we know what to do with. Here’s to the holidays and the brands that help us look our best throughout.