Alyssa Thorne
December 07, 2016 3:11 pm

2016 has been a truly brutal year, but we’ve definitely got something that’s going to bring a smile to even the most grudging of faces. If you’ve ever been to Lush, you know that they greet you with more cheer than your own parents. Their customer service is almost too on point, sometimes. As such, a tweet recently went viral poking fun at their style of greeting…and Lush totally embraced the joke and recreated the viral tweet with the employees of their Oxford Street store in London, and it’s, like, maybe the best thing we’ve ever seen? EVER.

First, check out the original tweet so you have context for the amazingness you’re about to stream into your eyeballs.

Hilarious, no? And totally accurate. We’ve watched that video maaaaaybe twenty times since seeing it for the first, but the video from the Oxford Street Lush, well. We’ve watched it way more than that and the number is actually embarrassing so DON’T ASK, okay?

Behold the comedic glory of the Oxford Street Lush crew. Somebody call SNL, because these gals totes deserve it.

Obviously, the internet totally loved the video. And even though it was released over a month after the original tweet it’s based on, the video is totally gaining on the original in terms of likes and retweets. Plus, the internet is totally into Debbie.

BRB we’re hopping the next flight to London to go hang with our new pal Debbie.